Vaspladsen Seter cabins

Vaspladsen Seter is located high and sunny at the top of Høvringen, with a good view of the pleasant hamlet. Here it is possible to rent a total of 2 cabins with different capacity and standard. The cabins are located in the immediate vicinity of each other, and are well suited for both individual and group rent.

The location of the cabins ensures easy access to the family-friendly mountain areas inland Høvringsfjellet, the western gateway to the Rondane massif. There are a number of hiking opportunities right outside the cabin wall, where those who, in addition to normal outdoor life, want to go hunting and fishing have the opportunity to do so.

Welcome to Vaspladsen Seter!

79 sqm - 8 beds - 3 bedrooms

73 sqm - 7 beds - 2 bedrooms

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